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Looking for a Delrin sheet, rod, or tube Manufacturer? Aquarius Plastics are experts in the industry, providing high performance plastics to diverse, high-pressure industries such as Aerospace and Formula 1. Whether you’re building a plane or a point of purchase display box, our plastic services can help!

Delrin (Acetal Copolymer & Homopolymer)

Delrin is a trading name for Polyoxymethylene (POM), a high-performance plastic often used in engineering precision parts. Benefiting from high rigidity, low friction, and exceptional stability, Delrin’s uses are versatile and myriad. Even without being glass-reinforced, Delrin has the strength to replace metal parts.

Both Homopolymer and Copolymer grades are similar in their overall balance of properties, although each shows some difference from the other in detail. In general, the mechanical properties of the Homopolymer are slightly superior to the Copolymer, although the latter has a higher continuous operating temperature. Delrin AF is Acetal Homopolymer containing PTFE fibre, uniformly dispersed to give a material with improved wear and low friction properties. Glass Filled is Acetal Homopolymer with glass fibre to enhance wear properties.

Characteristics Typical Applications
High crystalline with low water absorption Pump Housings
Good dimensional stability & creep resistance Impellers
Easy to machine to tight tolerances Gears
Good electrical insulator Bearings
Domestic Appliances
Electrical Components

Delrin Tube, Rod & Sheet Machining & Fabrication

Aquarius Plastics provide Delrin acetal plastic sheets, rods and tubes in small and large quantities, but we also offer plastic preparation services. Whatever your needs, Delrin acetal rods and sheets can be cut to size, milled, polished, and machined to deliver a product in a ready-to-use form for your project. To begin, all we need is a simple sketch or design mock-up from you and we’ll do the rest.

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