Ertalyte is a high resistance material that offers excellent wear and low moisture absorption rates. For this reason is has a wide variety of applications, from bearings and gears to slideways and pump components.

In terms of wear resistance Ertalyte is comparable to Nylon and has better dimensional stability than even Polyacetal. It also provides much better resistance to acids than both Nylon and Polyacetal, and has very good insulating properties. It is a good electrical insulator and is resistant to high energy radiation such as x-rays and gamma-rays. It also offers low and constant coefficient of friction and demonstrates very good creep resistance.

As a stockist and distributor of Ertalyte rods, tubes and sheets, we have found it to have many versatile applications, with one of the most popular being in the food industry. Since this is a physiologically inert material it is suitable for contact with food, and being stain resistant it looks cleaner and more hygienic than the likes of aluminium and stainless steel, which are commonly used for components in food processing and packaging machinery. Many industry experts are encouraging food processing companies to make the switch to this high strength material.

There are two key types of Ertalyte – PET-P and TX – and at Aquarius Plastics we are a supplier of both. PET-P Ertalyte is known as virgin grade, while Ertalyte TX is bearing grade, and, as a result, each variety is best used for different applications.

Ertalyte PET-P

Based on polyethylene terphtalate, Ertylate PET-P is an unreinforced semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyester. It is particularly useful for the fabrication of precision machining parts which are prone to extreme wear or designed to sustain heavy loads, since it has very good creep resistance and wear.

Available in natural and black colours, Ertylate PET-P is FDA approved and ideal for use in food processing equipment. It can be sanitised incredibly easy with clean in place chemicals, and as a result many manufacturers are replacing UHMWPE and aluminium with Ertylate PET-P for their packaging, meat processing and liquid-filling components.

Ertalye is also a popular alternative to Nylon for pharmaceutical test equipment components, since it is very resistant to staining, has high dimensional stability and is resistant to hydrochloric acid.

Ertalyte TX

This bearing-grade variety of Ertylate incorporates a uniformly dispersed solid lubricant, which means it offers even lower coefficient of friction than the virgin-grade variety. It also has higher pressure-velocity capabilities, and is suitable for applications that involve plastic mating surfaces and soft metal.

Ertalyte TX, which is pale grey in colour, is also FDA approved and suitable for use in components for food processing and packaging, and is often used in the fabrication of distribution valves for food packaging machinery. In the past, stainless steel way used for this purpose but proved to cause excessive wear of the surrounding housing, resulting in high maintenance costs. Due to its high strength and resistance to wear, Ertalyte TX has proved to be an excellent alternative.

Characteristics Typical Applications
High mechanical strength & hardness Bearings
Very good creep resistance Thrust Washers
Low moisture absorption Slideways
Excellent wear resistance Gears
Continuous working temperature of 100°C Rollers
Low coefficient of friction Pump Components

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