FLUOROSINT (Mica Filled PTFE) 500

As one of the UK’s leading fluorosint suppliers, we can manufacture fluorosint tubes, rods and sheets to your exact specifications. Fluorosint enhanced Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE as it is commonly known, has unique properties thanks to its fabrication, which involves the chemical linking of synthetically manufactured mica with virgin PTFE in its proprietary process. Properties which are not usually present in reinforced PTFE are produced by this bonding, which provides not only dimensional stability, but also offers a low friction level.

For many end users, the mechanical and thermal properties of PTFE need to be improved and ideally this should be achieved without impairing the unique chemical, electrical and frictional properties of the material. This has been achieved by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced materials UK Ltd, a leading fluorosint stockist, by incorporating Mica flakes into PTFE. The outstanding combination of properties in fluorosint has meant its acceptance as a leading engineering plastic material.

 Fluorosint PTFE 500

The dimensional stability mentioned above results in precise tolerance control, because it provides a greater resistance to deformation (up to nine times) when under a load than unfilled PTFE. According to experts, it has a linear thermal expansion coefficient of only 20% of virgin PTFE, approaching aluminium’s expansion rate. It also maintains its low friction and tough characteristics, wearing at a much slower rate.

Consequently, components such as bearings and valve seats remain more firmly seated during thermal cycling and lower clearances. Chemical resistance and electrical properties are outstanding. Fluorosint is unaffected by almost every commercially used chemical and solvent.

It offers continuous service at temperatures between -260°C and +260°C and even higher for limited periods. As a guide, fluorosint should be used wherever PTFE would normally be considered but where greater hardness and better creep resistance at elevated temperatures is needed.

Because of these properties, designers are able to enhance system efficiency with no detriment to wear resistance, due to the forgiving advantages of PTFE. It is used in common applications such as wear strips, shrouds, valve seats, sacrificial and abradable seals, split and one-piece seals, as well as thrust washers.

Fluorosint sometimes replaces metal and aluminium shrouds and seals that are used in compressors. Sealing technology which is abradable is facilitated easily, and use of these sacrificial parts improves the security of a system. This is where mating parts offer significant efficiency gains thanks to a reduction in their own running clearance.

In seal and wear applications that are experiencing wear or stability resistance, fluorosint from a trusted distributor can be a replacement for unfilled PTFE. For example, a commercial system for filling beverages can enjoy better fill accuracy – with fluorosint as opposed to virgin PTFE – due to a reduction of leaks which are sometimes the result of seals which have failed.

Commercial food equipment can also benefit from the FDA compliant fluorosint that is available. This is a high performance grade which has been optimised for extremely low wear and high PV. It bears loads excellently and for this reason is sometimes used in the machining equipment of a pharmaceutical supplier, too. Costs can be saved on the repair and replacement of low-tech filled PTFE, as well as on the purchase of other parts sometimes needed to supplement a low-tech filled PTFE’s poor performance.

Fluorosint Properties

Characteristics Typical Applications
Excellent chemical resistance Bearings
Wide temperature range Valve Seats
Low friction Gaskets
Low wear Slides
Compressive strength Seal Rings
Dimensional stability Insulators
Self lubricating Thrust Washers

Fluorosint Supplier

Aquarius Plastics is a UK-based fluorosint supplier, providing this versatile and effective material for industrial, commercial, and domestic uses. We offer a range of plastic machining and fabrication services to prepare the plastic product for use prior to shipping, including custom cut-to-size fluorosint, bending, milling, shaping, and more. Working from your design, however basic or crude, our engineers can create the perfect product for your use case scenario.

To find out more or to discuss your project, get in touch with Aquarius Plastics by calling 01483 576044 or sending an email to enquiries@aquariusplastics.co.uk.

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