Our high impact polystyrene sheet (HIPS sheets) is manufactured for vacuum forming purposes and can be used in many applications. It is extremely cost effective and we are a supplier who offer both matt and gloss finish in black, white, cream, yellow, red, green, blue, brown and grey.

High impact polystyrene sheet, or HIPS as it is often known, has the advantage of being up to seven times stronger than polystyrene used for general purposes. Because of this, it is commonly used for thermoforming as it has a very wide temperature window and pre-drying is not required most of the time.

We are a stockist of a number of sizes, based on the dimensions of the panel required, and can also offer standard manufacturing sizes.

Uses of HIPS

Different grades of HIPS have different uses, including all manner of toys, electronic personal devices such as hair dryers, and disposable items such as razors. Furniture items, clocks and baseboards are on the list, while HIPS is a common material packaging for very fatty food products and in appliances which require a high resistance to chemicals, such as refrigerators.

For this reason, it is FDA compliant, meaning it is possible to use HIPS sheets in applications used for food processing. It is easily recyclable, so is a viable option for many fast food chains that require a low-cost material that minimises adverse effects on the environment. The jobs created through the recycling of HIPS products also act as a stimulus for the economy associated with the food industry.

Sanitation is another aspect. HIPS products are conducive to a high level of hygiene, meaning they can also be used for many medical purposes.

Stationery, office supplies and disposable cups and plates, are other products which make use of HIPS.

It’s the low cost of HIPS, combined with its inherent toughness, that makes it such a popular material. The ease of HIPS fabrication also means it is the material used for indoor signs, as well as irregularly shaped items such as pump parts, manifolds, flanges, hubs and valve bodies.

It is harder to keep costs down with other forms of fabrication, such as machining and welding, and HIPS doesn’t involve potentially dangerous work processes, such as critical welds.

Due to its lightweight but sturdy nature, HIPS products also travel well, and are able to reduce distributor costs for companies as they aren’t as heavy as loads containing other materials.

Styrene monomer is where the polymer used in HIPS comes from, with around 10% of polybutadiene added. The capacity to stretch and impact resistance is enhanced by the microscopic particles which are generated, transforming the polystyrene’s properties.

Its components give it isotropic mechanical properties thanks to the isostatic pressure and fine microstructure that are involved in the fabrication process. According to the experts, this results in properties which are equal in every direction, which in turn can provide lighter constructions in which there are no segregations present.

High impact polystyrene sheet products also offer brilliant resistance to corrosion and cracking induced by hydrogen, sometimes known as HISC.

HIPS Suppliers

Aquarius Plastics are an industrial plastic supplier based in the UK, providing HIPS sheets for uses in industrial, commercial, and domestic cases. Whatever type of plastic materials you need – whether it’s acrylic tubes, polyethylene sheets or ABS rods – and whatever you need it for, contact Aquarius Plastics to talk to one of our experts about your project. We’re more than happy to help with any queries. Give us a call on 01483 576044 or send an email to enquiries@aquariusplastics.co.uk.

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