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As a major supplier of Perspex rod, tube and sheet, we are committed to providing our customers with an optimum service. This includes a Perspex cut-to-size and fabrication services to fit your specific requirements.

Perspex is one of the most popular products, and popular because of its versatility and wide range of colour options. Ideal for many applications, including household, but also industrial uses.

Perspex and Plexiglas

Perspex and Plexiglas are trademarked names, but it is often likened to glass, due to its transparency, but it is considerably lighter. Perspex has the unique ability to be resistant to many different things such as water, acids, detergents and most household liquids. It’s durability makes it a multi-purpose material, especially because it can be cut with standard woodworking and metal-working tools.

Perspex can be heat bent or shaped and cemented – but if you need your Perspex cut to size or shaped, we offer machining and fabrication services. Acrylic is also a good thermal insulator.

Perspex tubes and round rods are available in clear, whilst acrylic sheets can be tinted or coloured in a variety of hues.

Characteristics Typical Applications
92% Light transmission Signs
Outdoor use Tanks
Light weight Vessels
Good electrical insulator Glazing
Strong Model Making
Colours available Windshields
Boat Windows

For some purposes, the stronger Polycarbonate material may be better suited – see the “Polycarbonate” page here.

Perspex Sheets & Perspex Fabrication in Cut-to-Size

In addition to being a Perspex supplier and plastic rod, sheet, and perspex tube distributor, Aquarius Plastics provide machining and fabrication services to our clients. This allows you to access high grade plastic products in a form that is fit for purpose on arrival, saving you time and ensuring a quality finish.

Whatever your requirements, we know how to reach the solution you want, so feel free to get in touch to explain what it is you need.

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Perspex® is a registered trademark of Lucite International.

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