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Aquarius Plastic offer high density Polyethylene rod, tube, and sheet manufacturer and distributor services to supply this highly versatile and economical engineering plastic for both industrial and private uses. Prior to delivery our plastic machining and fabrication services can prepare the material to suit your needs, including milling, polishing, cutting to size, and more. We’re always happy to discuss your project’s needs and offer a solution to your use case – just get in touch to find out more.

Polyethylene Sheets, Rods, & Tubes (Ultrawear, UHMWP, HML, HDPE, LDPE)

Polyethylene is considered one of the most versatile and useful thermoplastics available. Offering an exceptionally low coefficient of friction, high impact strength, and resistance to chemicals and corrosion, Polyethylene sheets, rods, and tubes have a vast range of applications.

Grades available:

As well as the virgin grade product, Aquarius Plastics provide a number of different Polyethylene grades and variants with varying properties and use cases.

1000: Natural virgin grade suitable for food contact, can work at between +120°C and -200°C the most heat resistant of the polyethylenes.
1000 Green/Black (regenerated): Cost effective and ideal for change parts in bottling and canning industries. Is made of part new and part recycled material and has a long life.
HML 500 (Natural): Good chemical resistance, food approved and repels moisture. It is used extensively in the dairy and preserving industry. It is ideal for cutting boards.
HML 500 (Black): Good chemical and electrical resistance properties, ideal for non wearing applications.
HDPE 300 (Natural /Black): Has chemical resistance, is economical, excellent to weld and is also resistant to sunlight and moisture.
LDPE (Natural): Low density and economical, it is a lower performance version for more general use ie rubbing strips.

Characteristics Typical Applications
Excellent abrasive wear properties Conveyor Parts
Good impact strength Cutting Boards
Use with foodstuffs Bearings
Excellent for fabrication Starwheels
Can be welded


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