Polypropylene Tube, Sheet, & Rod Distributor

Aquarius Plastics is a manufacturer and distributor of polypropylene tubes, polypropylene rods and polypropylene sheets. We can perform machining, fabrication, and cut-to-size services on our plastics for clients of all sizes with all manners of usage requirements.

Why use Polypropylene (PP)?

Polypropylene is a durable, versatile material whose uses are manifold. Offering resistance to high temperatures and acids or alkalis, polypropylene tubes are useful for the transfer of liquids and gases. Polypropylene is also a good choice for fabricating cladding as it is impervious to water.

Polypropylene is highly lightweight, to the extent that a polypropylene tube will float on water. For uses other than liquid transfer, polypropylene tubes can be welded.

Polypropylene sheets are mechanically rugged and resistant to fatigue from flexing, ensuring that they are practically unbreakable.

Characteristics Typical Applications
High impact resistance Tanks
High temperature range Pipework Systems
Excellent chemical resistance Chemical Industry
Excellent fabrication capabilities Electroplating
Ability to be welded Filtering

Alternatively, Aquarius Plastics offer plastics with similar properties such as polyethylene or polycarbonate.

Applications for Polypropylene Tubes, Rods & Sheets

Industrially, polypropylene is often used for packaging and labelling, textiles, reusable containers (including food containers) and car parts. Thin polypropylene sheets are even used to create polymer banknotes.

On a smaller scale, polypropylene’s durability and resistance to water and chemicals allows it to be used for packaging or wall cladding in hygiene rooms, bathrooms, utility rooms, and workshops.

Aquarius Plastics can provide machining and cut-to-size services to prepare your polypropylene products for immediate use.

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Choosing the right plastic for your project can be difficult, but Aquarius are experts in the field, having provided plastics for the aerospace industry. Discuss your requirements with one of our plastic experts today – call us on 01483 576044 or email us at enquiries@aquariusplastics.co.uk for a friendly and informal chat!

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