A fluorinated polymer exhibiting extreme chemical resistance and a wide operating temperature range, combined with excellent dialectic performance, surface properties of low friction and anti-adhesion. These characteristics enable it to operate successfully in demanding applications and in some cases extreme conditions unlikely to be met by any other material.
The friction of coefficient is unusually low with typical values against polished steel of about 0.06 and this value reduces as pressure is increased. The anti-adhesive properties combined with very low moisture absorption make PTFE ideal for use as a release surface. PTFE resins can be reinforced with a variety of inorganic materials such as glass, carbon and bronze to obtain specific property improvements.
Characteristics Typical Applications
Tough and flexible resistance Electrical Sleeving Food Processing Outstanding electrical & chemical
Stable -260°C to +260°C Gaskets
High elongation at break Bushes
Almost chemically inert Extrusion Nozzles
Lowest coefficient of static of any known solid O Rings
Lowest dynamic friction of any known solid Pipe Lining

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