PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

If you are looking for a PVC manufacturer and supplier, Aquarius Plastics can help. We are one of the UK’s leading sources of high-performance plastic products, and we supply plastic parts to companies in high-pressure industries such Aerospace and Formula 1. So if your product requires PVC components, Aquarius Plastics is a name you can trust.

PVC is a standard impact-resistant rigid material and, because of its strength, is on the limit of the high-impact classification. The material offers high processing reliability and can be welded, glued or vacuum formed. PVC is available in solid round and square bars, flat sheet, pipes and many fittings to suit. PVC sheeting is available in clear, grey, red, white or black. PVC rods are only available in grey, red or black, while the tubes come in grey. We also provide PVC foamex sheets.

Characteristics Typical Applications
Excellent chemical resistance Ducting Systems
Medium voltage electrical resistance Tanks
Low notch sensitivity Extraction Systems
Machinability Machine Covers
High rigidity Pipework Systems
Flame retardant Fans

We also have a number of rigid foamex tubes and foamex sheets available. Contact us on 01483 576044 to find out more about our PVC solutions and other industrial plastics, including polypropylene, Delrin and ABS.

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