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Torlon is a trade name for polyamide-imide (PAI), and Aquarius supplies Torlon rods and sheets in the format you need. Our machining, milling, and cut-to-size services makes it easy for you to utilise your new plastic products immediately, hassle-free.

Torlon 4203 & 4301

Torlon is a polyamide-imide resin with exceptional physical and chemical properties that can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures -190°C to 260°C. Torlon provides better compressive strength and higher deflection temperature than most other high performance thermoplastics and its low coefficient of thermal expansion and high creep resistance leads to excellent dimensional stability.

Chemically, Torlon is resistant to attack by aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, chlorined and fluorinated hydrocarbons and most inorganic salts and acid solutions. Torlon 4203 has the best impact performance and optimum mechanical properties. Electrical performance is also superior. Torlon 4301 contains additives (such as graphite) designed to increase wear life. It also has superior bearing performance.

Characteristics Typical Applications
High strength Bearings
Chemical resistance Thrust Washers
High temperature capability Valve Seats
Dimensional stability Piston Rings
Low wear rate Pump/Compressor Vanes
Good electrical properties Insulators
Radiation resistant Ball Bearing Cages
Mechanical Linkages

Torlon and polyamide-imides are considered similar to PEEK (Polyetheretherketones), another high performance plastic with varying properties that Aquarius can provide. If you’re struggling to decide between the two, talk to Aquarius and we can help you make the decision.

Uses of Torlon Sheets, Rods, & Tubes

Torlon and polyamide-imides are extensively used for wire coatings when making magnet wire. Their high level of mechanical stability also makes them suitable for high pressure environments, and polyamides-imides have been used for the separation of gases such as CO2 and H2S.

With strength comparable to metal, and functioning in an exceptionally large temperature range, Torlon is a very high performance material suitable for the toughest of jobs.

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