TUFNOL Rods, Sheets & Tubes

What is Tufnol?

Tufnol laminate is engineering material made from layers of fibrous reinforcement such as cotton cloth, paper or woven glass cloth, which are bonded together with high quality plastic resins. The layers are pressed together under high pressure and then baked until they become solid, fusing the material into a tough, strong block. By using different resins, such as phenolic, epoxy or melamine, with different types of reinforcement, a range of grades are created with types to suit a wide variety of applications.

Grades of Tufnol Rods, Tubes & Sheets

Which grade of Tufnol to use: phenolic paper grades are most commonly used for electrical insulation items such as electrical panels and boards, insulating sleeves etc. The most commonly used are Kite Brand and IP13. Phenolic cotton grades are widely used for mechanical applications with high wear and strength characteristics. They have many uses, such as bearings, gears, insulating wear pads, rollers etc. Fine weave cloth grade Carp Brand is strongest and is better for more intricate components. Medium weaves, Whale Brand or Bear Brand are better for larger more rugged components.

Epoxy Paper and Cotton grade are chosen where outstanding electrical properties are needed, particularly for their resistance to surface tracking. 6F45 Grade Tufnol is the best where a bearing material is needed with first class electrical insulation properties. Glass Fabric Grades 10G40 are made from epoxy glass resins and can vary in type of temperature ratings etc.

Characteristics Typical Applications
Good mechanical strength Rigid Electrical Panels
Good electrical insulation Insulating Sleeves
Chemical resistance Gears
Weather resistant Bearings
Rigidity Rollers and Cams
High strength to weight ratio Support Plates
Insulating Wear Pads
Piston Rings

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