VESPEL Sheets (Polyimide) (PI)

Grades Available:
SPI – Unfilled base resin
SP-21 – 15% graphite filled
SP-22 – 40% graphite filled
SP-211 – 15% graphite + 10% PTFE filled
SP-3 – 15% MOS2 filled
Characteristics Typical Applications
Very good mechanical strength Automotive Industry
Good stiffness & hardness Aerospace Industry
Stable 290°C constant & 480°C intermittent Nuclear Industry
Good creep resistance & sliding properties Defence Industry
Low flammability Semiconductor Industry
High wear resistance & dimensional stability Aviation Industry

Order your Vespel tubes, Vespel sheets, and Vespel rods today, with custom cut-to-size and machining options available to meet your requirements.

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